The Recruitment Steps

  • 01

    Search for Jobs

    Check all of the relevant job boards for your skillset and reach out to recruiters like us that have access to roles that are not advertised.

  • 02

    Research Companies

    Go online to the company's "about" page. You should also perform a search query on the company name to look for any news, current events or reviews about the company.

  • 03

    Get your Resume Ready

    Make sure it's up-to-date and optimised for the job you are applying to. Its prudent to have multiple versions of your resume i.e Long vs Short, Technical vs Non-Technical, etc

  • 04

    Update your LinkedIn

    Your LinkedIn profile should match your resume and not contradict dates and job titles. Recruiters and Managers, really do check this.

  • 05

    Apply and follow up

    If applying to a recruiter or direct to a hiring manager, an email follow up a day or two after the application is a great idea to get noticed.

  • 06


    Do your research upon the company and those you are meeting with. Also utilise our content to help improve your overall interviewing performance.