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About White Bay

Recruiters with relevant industry experience understanding your needs and delivering a service that will make you smile.

By choosing White Bay as your recruitment partner, you will not only save time and costs but be choosing a better candidate experience for your applicants, safe in the knowledge that an industry expert is representing your brand.

Finding and hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before.

White Bay has the tools to connect companies with the best recruits, as well as connect applicants with the right jobs for all of their skills and qualifications.

Executive Search

By using our vast networks, we recruit beyond the skills required and match personalities with your unique culture.

Contigency Recruitment

We can provide an individual specialist or a team of consultants to help ensure that you meet project deliverables and milestones.

Recruitment As a Service

Growth means different things to different companies. We’ll partner with you strategically to help you plan for growth and collaborate on programs to accelerate hiring efforts.

HR OnBoarding

Not all companies have the luxury of an in-house HR Manager. We can provide external consultation for typical issues such as contract management, onboarding or exit process.

Proud Recipient of
"Most Trusted Recruiter" Award.


Recruitment process

Our rigorous recruiting process

is designed to cull potential candidates down to only the most strategically minded and technologically savvy, which assures our clients of an employee who already has a great track record in his or her field.

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Detailing expectations

As in any business, clear and focused direction drives success. This is a critical piece of any search, and the best position specifications detail required experience, ideal qualities, and key milestones that will define success for the new hire. Pinpoint job descriptions power our searches.

Deeper search, dynamic results

You have to turn over a lot of rocks to produce the results that meet our high standards, so that’s what we do. In addition to using old-fashioned headhunting technique, we use our own extensive database, networks of contacts across the globe, and we also tap into mainstream and niche recruiting sources to make sure that we cover all the bases as we work to find the calibre of person you want to hire.

Your business is our business

When we take on a search, we take our goal of finding the perfect person as seriously as we would if we were on your payroll. We make it our business to understand your company, your market and competition, your challenges and current situation, and where you want to go.

We make your business our business, and our measure of success is your satisfaction.

Not just being, but being exceptional

Our clients are extraordinary companies, and we know they’re only interested in extraordinary candidates, so we look for people who have more than just years of experience, but those who have also made a real mark in their previous jobs. Our aim is to find proven winners for you.

Lining up a long-term solution

One of the keys to a successful placement is the character of the candidate. We look beyond the professional accomplishments to the person behind them to find the qualities that will contribute to a lasting relationship with their new employer. We work to make placements that stick.


What our clients think of us

  • Kahn

    The White Bay team delivers the goods when it comes to recruitment. After sending them the job spec and having a brief discussion, I gave the challenge of presenting me with a single CV. They took less than 24 hours to deliver the perfect candidate, whom we hired. They added value through understanding the requirement, performing technical screening, and delivering the right candidate. I highly recommend their services.

  • Wendy
    HR Manager

    I have used the White Bay team for a number of positions this year since I joined my company and I have always found him to be a reliable supplier of good quality candidates. They sends me the least amount of CV's but has on all occasions really hit the spot in terms of finding us the right person with the right skill set and just as importantly, the right attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending White Bay to other HR Professionals or Directors in similar industries.