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Workshop Manager - 1905120

Job description


Workshop Manager



As a manager of the business, the Workshop Manager is an experienced, highly motivated, and self-managed employee, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the workshop. This includes managing personnel, coordinating workflow, ensuring quality standards are met, and optimising efficiency within the workshop.




·      Meet or exceed targets, such as increasing labour efficiency and productivity.

·      Ensure the workshop operations efficient and work is completed in a timely manner.

·      Monitor workshop performance metrics, analyse results, and identify opportunities for improvement.

·      Identify opportunities to reduce expenses and contribute to overall cost-saving initiatives.

·      Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to continuously enhance skills and knowledge.

·      Carry out quality control checks to ensure work meets or exceeds standards.

·      Maintain clear communication with the Service and Parts departments to ensure operational efficiency.

·      Maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

·      Provide technical information to customers where required.

·      Manage, lead and develop a team of technicians, conducting performance evaluations and fostering a positive work environment.

·      Maintain a safe work environment, ensure compliance with regulations and laws, promoting awareness among staff.



Directly Reports to:

·      Office and Accounts Manager

Indirect Reports to:

·      Director

Reporting Staff:

·      Technicians

·      Apprentices

Key Internal Contacts:

·      Management

·      Service

·      Parts

·      Sales

External Contacts:

·      Potential customers

·      Existing customers



·      Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology (National code: AUR31120)


·      Self-motivated and managed.

·      Strong problem-solving skills.

·      Attention to detail.

·      Organised.

·      Technical proficiency.

·      Troubleshooting issues.

·      Ability to plan, delegate and coordinate multiple tasks and projects.

·      Leadership and management.

·      Excellent written and verbal communication.

·      Ability to think strategically.

·      Strong analytical skills.

·      Problem-solving.

·      Ability to collaborate.

·      Results orientated.

Other Requirements:

·      Undertake medical examinations and drug and alcohol tests as required.

·      Valid Australian driver’s licence.




·      Plan, prioritise and coordinate workshop activities to meet customer requirements.

·      Allocate technicians effectively to optimise workflow efficiency.

·      Monitor progress, identify bottlenecks or delays, and implement solutions to maintain productivity.

·      Establish and enforce quality control standards and procedures to ensure products meet or exceed customer expectations.

·      Conduct regular audits to identify quality issues, root causes, and opportunities for improvement.

·      Implement corrective and preventive actions to address quality deficiencies and minimise rework or waste.

·      Lead, supervise, and motivate workshop staff, including technicians, mechanics, and other personnel.

·      Conduct performance evaluations, provide feedback, and facilitate professional development opportunities for team members.

·      Ensure compliance with all relevant health, safety, and environmental regulations.

·      Promote a culture of safety awareness among staff, conduct safety training, and enforce safety protocols and procedures.

·      Investigate and report accidents or incidents, implement corrective measures, and prevent recurrence.

·      Oversee the maintenance, repair, and servicing of workshop equipment and machinery to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

·      Schedule and coordinate routine maintenance tasks, inspections, and calibration activities.

·      Provide technical explanations to customers when required.

·      Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality work on time and within budget.

·      Build and maintain positive relationships with customers to foster repeat business and referrals.

·      Participate in budget planning and monitor expenses related to workshop operations.

·      Identify cost-saving opportunities, optimise resource utilisation, and adhere to budgetary constraints.

·      Prepare and present financial reports, forecasts, and variance analyses when required.

·      Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality within the workshop.

·      Encourage innovation, problem-solving, and idea generation among team members.

·      Implement best practices, lean manufacturing principles, and process optimisation techniques to streamline operations.

·      Maintain accurate records, documentation, and reports related to workshop activities.

·      Provide regular updates to senior management on key performance indicators, operational challenges, and improvement initiatives.

·      Ensure compliance with internal policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements.