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Senior Front End Developer | Office-based (North Vancouver) | 130k - $165k

Job description

Senior Front End Developer | Software | React | Office-based (North Vancouver) | 130k - $165k

The Company:

They are all about building local businesses. They combine good business processes, people, and technology to achieve a single goal: getting new customers and keeping cherished ones. It's a new strategy to help you connect with your customers so you can develop lasting connections that benefit both of you where it matters most: in your locale.

The Role:

They’re on a mission to revolutionize how businesses solve challenges through software innovation. As a Senior React Developer, you’ll be at the forefront of this transformation. They value a culture of experimentation, learning, and improvement. Collaborate with talented peers in an inclusive and dynamic environment, where your diverse thoughts and creative solutions shape the experiences of users across the globe. Are you ready to make a mark as a Senior React developer and pioneer innovation through engineering excellence? Their development team is seeking individuals who are not just programmers, but passionate problem solvers who excel in creating cutting-edge solutions. If you’re motivated by the prospect of driving positive change in the world of software development, read on!


  • Demonstrated mastery of React.js with an in-depth understanding of its core concepts, component lifecycle, state management, and hooks.
  • Proven ability to architect complex UIs using React and efficiently solve challenges that arise during development.
  • Deep understanding of web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6+), and browser APIs. Ability to implement responsive designs and ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  • Proven track record of optimizing the performance of React applications to ensure fast load times, smooth animations, and efficient resource utilization. Familiarity with tools like React Profiler, Chrome DevTools, and performance monitoring techniques.
  • Experience in designing and structuring large-scale React applications. Proficiency in setting up scalable project architectures, modular component organization, and code splitting to maintain codebase cleanliness and promote teamwork.
  • Familiarity with various state management libraries such as Redux, MobX, Recoil, and their implementation in real-world scenarios. Ability to choose the appropriate state management approach based on project requirements.
  • Strong understanding of industry best practices for web development, including accessibility, SEO optimization, security, and mobile-first design.
  • Proficiency in using web developer tools, including browser developer consoles, network inspectors, and debugging techniques. Ability to identify and resolve issues efficiently during the development process.
  • Knowledge of testing frameworks (e.g., Jest, React Testing Library, Vitest) and the ability to write unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests to ensure code reliability and maintainability.


  • Craft innovative designs for new features while seamlessly managing existing ones.
  • Monitor application performance, addressing usability-related traffic drops and preparing solutions for potential challenges.
  • Bring your creative concepts to life through prototypes, mockups, and high-quality graphic designs.
  • Collaborate closely with back-end developers to enhance overall usability.
  • Establish and maintain clear code standards and libraries for future traceability.
  • Develop user-friendly web pages using markup languages like HTML.
  • Optimize application scalability to maximize its pace and responsiveness.
  • Stay in the loop with the latest trends and emerging tech to continually elevate our development practices

Why Join:

  • Opportunity to shape the future of software development by driving innovation.
  • Work in a collaborative, thought-provoking environment that champions diversity of thought.
  • Showcase your skills on a global stage, influencing the user experience of millions.
  • Constant learning and growth through exposure to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Competitive compensation package and benefits, reflective of your expertise.
  • If you’re excited about redefining the boundaries of React development, we’d love to hear from you. Join our team and embark on a journey of continuous innovation.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to join a cutting-edge environment, working on some of the most exciting technology in the business, don’t hesitate in putting forward an application! To automatically receive notifications upon new roles and market updates, follow our LinkedIn page: