My area of expertise:

C- Level Senior Hires and Application Development. Outside of recruiting, I enjoy coding (mostly vanilla JavaScript) and guest lecturing within Australian Universities for pre and post graduate MBA’s.

Life before White Bay:

I started in recruitment wayyyyyyyy back in 2004 and founded White Bay in 2016 on the premise of “Whom better to recruit tech and creative roles than those who have done the role themselves”.

Previous to White Bay, I held leadership roles in a few large “Big Box” recruiters and learnt a lot of the positives and negatives of their service offerings which has help define what makes us so different today.

My recruitment special power is:

I’m a dad and a soccer coach. I believe of these roles define the attributes of my “special power” which is coaching.

Very few people leave school with the innate ability and knowledge of how to interview. I believe my biggest value add to the overall interview process is the time I take to coach every candidate, no matter how senior they are, to fully demonstrate their overall ability and show the best version of themselves in the interview.

Random fact about me:

I’m a die-hard Tottenham Hotspurs fan and avid gamer. Unfortunately for my family, both of these involve me shouting at the TV late at night.