My area of expertise:

I am the Software Development Specialist at White Bay, covering Web, Mobile and Application developers and Testers.

Life before White Bay:

I started out my career as an Electrical Engineer. Somewhere along the way I became captivated by the idea that the combination of energy and code could create a better and fairer financial system (Bitcoin).

My interest in all things code combined with my passion for working with people meant that a consulting role covering both was ideally suited which is how I came to be at White Bay.

My recruitment special power is:

My love for Distributed Ledger Technologies and future tech allows me to not only have a better understanding of the roles I am currently filling, but also allows me to coach both our candidates and clients as to where to focus their skill set in the future.

Random fact about me:

Whilst an Electrical Apprentice, I set the record for most amount of personal electrocutions in a single week. 10+ years later and the record still holds up!!