My area of expertise:

I recruit all things digital, whether that be creative, marketing or technology. It’s something I enjoy. More to the point, it’s something I bring value to. I studied marketing, beginning my career as a copywriter for a digital agency. I worked my way through strategy and analysis, until I ‘fell’ into recruitment. I’ve never looked back.

Life before White Bay:

I grew up in Bondi Beach, and my parents were school teachers, so they’d fly my brother and I to a developing country every school holidays, culture-shock our pants off. It’s given me a perspective I’d never trade for anything. I never planned to be in this industry. In all honesty, I planned to be a professional footballer, but as the old saying goes, ‘aim for the stars, and if you miss, become a recruiter.’ 

My recruitment special power is:

Perhaps it’s resilience. Nearly a decade in the industry will do that to you. 

Random fact about me:

I once trialled for the Liverpool Youth Soccer Academy in England. I didn’t make it but i'm still in love with the game.