My area of expertise:

I cover all things design and console/computer gaming. UX/UI designers, graphic designers, art directors, studio managers, game designers and animators are people I spend my days talking to.

Life before White Bay:

I’m born and mostly raised in Sweden. I used to live in the US for a few years as a kid, hence the American accent. I studied web and digital production, game development and cognitive science in Sweden. I’ve created characters in Maya and slammed my head against my fair share of desks trying to figure out coding errors. I came to Australia in 2015 with the intention to stay for 1 year, saw an opportunity to get work life experience in recruitment (I wanted to work for the equivalence of centre link back home) and never looked back. I’ve worked in technical recruitment for 5 years, with a 1 year break to scratch up on my dev skills before deciding I enjoy talking about tech more than developing the tech, and joined White Bay in 2021.

My recruitment special power is:

I have a huge respect for the fact that we work with peoples livelihood. I care about the people I work with and how your lives change based on the advice I give you. I’m very honest, sometimes to my own fault. I believe every person I work with should be given the same level of transparency, advice and honesty as a family member or friend would. I’m also an advocate for diversity in the workplace, whether that be gender, race, sexuality or neurodiversity. Feel free to ask me about it!

Random fact about me:

I truly love language and how it connects people, and I’m currently learning Auslan.