My area of expertise:

Since the beginning of my recruitment career, I’ve been focused on tech. What started out as looking for software engineers in the .net world has expanded to most roles under the IT umbrella. I’ve had the opportunity to specialize in Engineering, Product, Data, Design, and Infrastructure – giving me a well-rounded idea of what the tech world is all about. 

Life before White Bay:

Where do I begin… I love to plan and originally thought I would become an event planner. I went to school for hospitality and event planning and worked in that field for a bit while bartending part-time. Somewhere along the way, I found myself moving to the Cayman Islands and when I returned, I made the decision to go back to school for business. This led me to recruitment, which was never a part of the plan but has opened doors I didn’t know existed. Since then, I’ve worked at some of the biggest tech businesses in the world like Amazon and Asana.

My recruitment special power is:

Empathy. I focus on really listening to and understanding the candidates and clients I’m working with. After building a relationship, I put myself in their shoes and try to guide them as I would want someone to do for me.   

Random fact about me:

I once ran a half-marathon with a broken ankle, and I would absolutely not recommend it.