My area of expertise:

I recruit across the Systems Architecture / DevOps space and also Data Science.

Life before White Bay:

I was actually one of White Bay's first clients and got to see first hand what a difference having a technical hand as a recruitment partner can make. After hiring a good few engineers from White Bay, I decided to make the jump to recruitment myself and have never looked back.

I have had a passion for technology since a young age and what started as a hobby soon progressed into a successful career. As I progressed through up the corporate ladder, I began to feel more passionate about how technology drives business and the complex environment that is current day business.
Having natural leadership traits and business acumen I began my MBA journey which lead me to my first business venture with my partner and gave me the hunger to continue pursuing my own passions of building technology driven businesses.

My recruitment special power is:

I was a Network Manager in my last full-time technology role and I believe that my experience of hiring for my own teams gives me a unique insight as to what to look for above and beyond what is written in the role description. If I would not have hired them for my own team, I certainly wouldn't be placing them in yours.

Random fact about me:

I have 5 children !!!!! My life is non-stop, but i would not change it for anything.