My area of expertise:

I am a marketing specialist assisting and consulting companies agency and client-side to find the best talent across the ever-evolving marketing and advertising industry.

Life before White Bay:

I am anAfrican-Filipino-Portuguese-Native American-“American” thatgrew up in a little town called Spanaway, Washington, and moved to Sydney in 2013 to continue my studies. Moving here opened my eyes to a broader world and perspectives I never thought of. Over the course of almost a decade here, I have worked across a wide range of industries including as a vehicle groomer(it’s as good as it sounds), pastor, community manager, podcast host, and content creator. All of those communication heavy roles have helped profoundly in me being the best recruitment consultant White Bay has to offer😉

My recruitment special power is:

Touching on the above, my special power would be my ability to speak to people from all different cultures and backgrounds.

Random fact about me:

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communications at UTS. I’m also a die-hard sports fan!