My area of expertise:

I recruit for all areas of the gaming industry. My days are filled chatting with gaming industry folks about their skills & expertise, games they’ve worked on, and of course, our favourite ones to play.  

Life before White Bay:

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario and went to UofT for my bachelor’s in psychology. Growing up, I always aimed to make it my goal to get into a career that would deeply impact a lot of people.

After my first role where I specialized in financial recruitment, I really wanted to be in an industry that I had a huge passion for. With a little luck and some hardcore dedication, I landed a role specializing in gaming and have been recruiting gaming talent ever since. Now I’m taking all that I’ve learned to go full speed here at White Bay! 

My recruitment special power is:

By reading your resume, I can instantly work out your spirit animal.

Random fact about me:

I am an identical twin, but sadly we’ve never sneakily switched places like you see in the movies 😅